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Craft Distillery

We take pride in being among the mere 15% of global gin producers who engage in the entire process of fermenting and distilling our own alcohol, ensuring the exceptional quality of our Premium Craft Gin.

Craft Gin is the heart and soul of StillOaky. Our collection encompasses Searsia London Dry Gin,
Roasted Rooibos Infused Gin, Aardvark Gin, Porchie Gin and Stowaway Rum.


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Portchie Gin

Portchie creates artwork that exudes joy and captures the essence of life.

Crafted with utmost care, this exceptional gin undergoes meticulous preparation using fifteen carefully chosen botanicals, resulting in a delightful emphasis on floral characteristics.

Portchie Gin brings people together, fostering an atmosphere of art, enjoyment, and laughter, making it the perfect drink for any celebration.


Age your own Whiskey

Kits include:
Personalised Barrel
Single Malt Alcohol (65% as some alcohol will be lost during the aging process over 3 years)
Excise paid on the alcohol.
Alcohol Testing Kit

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Searsia London Dry

Searsia London Dry

Searsia London Dry Gin pays homage to Johannes Smit, a revered figure and visionary who deeply cherished nature.

Crafted from an apple base and a unique combination of African, Indian, and European botanicals, our gin undergoes meticulous distillation.

Due to its apple base, Searsia gin naturally amplifies the flavor of any fruit garnish, creating a truly delightful sensory experience.

R370 per bottle

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Roasted Rooibos Infused

Roasted Rooibos Infused

The Piketberg region is where we source the exceptional Rooibos for our gin. Prior to infusing it into our Searsia London Dry Gin, we carefully dark roast the Rooibos.

Our Roasted Rooibos Gin stands out as a pioneering creation, offering a unique flavor profile with hints of veld fire smoke, beautifully harmonized by the invigorating forest fragrance of the Rooibos Fynbos.

Experience the authentic taste of South Africa with this distinctive and captivating gin.

A true South African Flavour.

R370 per bottle

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Changes Stowaway1


During the early 17th century in the Caribbean, enslaved sugarcane workers made a significant discovery: they found that molasses, a byproduct of the sugar production process, could be fermented to create alcohol. This marked the birth of rum. Since then, legendary pirates, sailors in the navy, and even members of royalty have all played a part in shaping the rich history and traditions associated with this iconic beverage.

R325 per bottle


Still-Oaky Limited Offer.

Your choice of either Searsia London Dry or Roasted Rooibos Infused Gin in a 375ml Skull Bottle.

R370 per bottle

Aardvark by StillOaky
Aardvark logo by StillOaky

Aardvark Gin

One-of-a-kind Gin distilled with globally foraged botanicals


R120 per bottle


Gin Botanicals

Gin botanicals for sale

Our History

The Journey

Owned and operated by the dynamic husband and wife duo Fanie and Annerie Smit, Still-Oaky Distillery is a charming boutique craft distillery. Kindled on the picturesque slopes of the Magaliesberg, StillOaky found its home in the vibrant Cape Town area.

The small but exquisite range offered by StillOaky is a harmonious blend of meticulous analytics from a skilled software programmer and the imaginative flair of a talented chef.

Within its portfolio, StillOaky proudly presents a diverse selection of spirits, including the esteemed Searsia London Dry Gin, the captivating Roasted Rooibos Infused Gin, the distinctive Aardvark Gin, the delightful Porchie Gin, and the adventurous Stowaway Rum.

How We Do It

The Process

Gradually heat the still until it is brought up to temperature.
The Alcohol evaporates and the steam is forced into the copper condenser.
The hot alcohol condenses through the worm and runs out at the end.
Move all the alcohol back to the still and add the botanicals and water.
Re-heat the still, repeating steps 1, 2 & 3
Move all the alcohol to the proofing tank where it will be cut to the desired Alcohol percentage.
The bottles are filled with our Craft Gin, sealed, labelled and boxed.


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